lee·ward - ˈlēwərd,ˈlo͞oərd/
adjective & adverb
1. on or toward the side sheltered from the wind or toward which the wind is blowing; downwind.
2. "the leeward side of the island"

1. the side sheltered or away from the wind

JJ McDonough

JJ McDonough is a Florida native, husband, father and the founder of Leeward Luxury, a boutique staffing firm. Established in 2000 and formerly known as Elite Island Professionals, the firm provides experienced staff and links to ultra-exclusive properties.  

Leeward works tirelessly to provide the most qualified professionals in hospitality, culinary arts, health and wellness, fitness, management and more in order for you to maintain a seamless lifestyle whether at home or on holiday. At your destination, at your convenience, anywhere in the world. 

Adding to our growing services, the firm now also serves as a property liaison linking clients to their dream destination vacation or permanent destination home.

Leeward's clients include three of the Forbes top ten, government officials, celebrity artists and musicians, athletes and high-net-worth private individuals.

McDonough, a graduate of Florida Atlantic University, discovered a passion for hospitality at a young age. His many years of experience allow him to provide world class service to the most discerning clients.

When he is not enjoying the coastal lifestyle, McDonough can be found personally servicing client accounts in the Caribbean, Miami, New York, Canada, Central America and beyond.

McDonough is an active member of the Bahamian Council of Tourist Board, Board member of Domestic Estate Managers, Hypoluxo Island Board member, Palm Beach County Preservation Society member and an active donor to Surfrider Foundation.