Are you looking to host an event, researching the perfect vacation destination or searching for a forever home?

Our client liaisons help to make your dream destination search exciting and easy whether your stay is one week, one month or a lifetime. 

We will connect you with the best professional services for leasing, purchasing or prospecting be it on land or at sea.


Our luxury property partnerships boast an array of options to fulfill your requests and the staffing services we offer will bring amenities and comfort to your chosen location.

Leeward's team is sensitive to each guests experience, from arrival to departure. Our services are tailored to suit your every desire. Tennis in the morning, massage in the afternoon, cocktails on the bow of a boat - if you can dream it we strive to provide it!


Contact us for information on how to charter an exclusive property, source experienced staff or find other accommodations. Leeward has a property partner or preferred vendor to suit all of your needs.